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Sendai Gyu-tan Story

Sendai Ox Tongue Birth

In 1948, the time when Japan began the reconstruction after world war 2, Sendai Gyu-Tongue history
started. Sendai Gyu-Tongue original creator is Tasuke Restaurant's Chef Sano Keishiro. He used the ingredient which was used in western style food, Ox Tongue. After numerous trials, He successfully created grilled Ox tongue. After that, grilled Ox tongue became one of the menus in that restaurant. That is the story how
Sendai Gyu-Tongue was born.

Sendai Gyu-Tan History

Give vigor and courage and taste "Sendai Ox Tongue set meal"

@In every grilled Ox tongue (Gyu-Tongue) restaurant, there must be grilled Ox tongue(Gyu-Tongue) packet in menu.
@Grilled Ox Tongue, vegetable pickles, onion soup, and barley rice are wonderful combination. This menu has good balance from utrition and taste. The taste is very original and hasn’t changed until now.

|Barley Rice as the white rice substitution is healthier and gives more energy.
|Gray green onion soup gives more nutrion, helps in absorbing more nutrion and the smell is also good.
|Gyu-Tongue give more courage, strength, and very delicious taste.

@Born in 1940’s era, the very difficult era, when Japan suffered very big loss after World War 2. Sendai Grilled Ox tongue symbolized the Japanese people spirit, passion, wisdom, and big effort to survive in that period when Food at that time was difficult.
Current prosperous Sendai, City of the Trees, grilled Ox tongue existence has become great influence. Like Sendai postwar remarkable reconstruction, people and good food are attached become one unity, people who come to Sendai for business trip, usually eat Gyu-Tongue before leaving Sendai. Sendai Ox tongue is not only delicious food, but also has other meaning to people.

Remembering all the Sendai Gyu-Tongue history while eating it, makes the taste of Sendai grilled Ox tongue become exceptionally delicious.