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About Sendai GyuTown

About Sendai GyuTown

In Sendai city, there are around 100 Gyu-tan specialized restaurants nearby. Among these restaurants, we introduce the selected restaurant. We will update the recent information, reviews and many detail things from local Gyu-tan specialized
restaurants in real time.

Sendai GyuTown Purpose

This site "Sendai Gyu-town" is Sendai Gyu-Tan committee official certified site, is a well established main site.
Among nearby Grilled beef tongue specialized restaurant, there is a motivation to show and introduce the real Sendai Gyu-tan to people in whole country, so they can taste the delicious Sendai Gyu-tan. In order to preserve the Sendai Gyu-tan tradition, we create this site. Thus all information about Sendai Gyu-tan can be accessed by everyone.

Shopping in Sendai GyuTown

The product we sell is The most delicious Gyu-tan in Sendai. For the original selected product, The Gyu-tan specialized chef make the product. After receiving the order, the product is prepared. Preparation takes maximum 3-4 days. Please understand the situation.

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