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Sendai Events and Tourist Information


 Sendai city was created by Masamune Dante, a famous hero from Masamune clan. Sendai is known as town of castle.

Surrounded by sea and mountain, and also many beautiful zelkova trees around the city make Sendai also known as city of trees.

Sendai Spring and Summer Events

▲Sendai Tanabata Festival (Aug)

〜Except Sendai Gyu-Tongue, Sendai is also a Popular
Tourist Town〜

 Started with Sendai hatsuri on New year. In summer, there are Sendai tanabata festival, fireworks, Sendai aoba matsuri, and jozenji street jazz festival. There are a lot of events in a whole year. Every year many tourists from whole country visit these events.

サンモール一番町 仙台駅 るーぷる仙台

Sendai Autumn and Winter Events

Pageant of the light
▲Pageant of the light in Sendai(Dec)

〜Beautiful Natural Environment and Unique Events at Sendai〜

In fall, there are autumn-tree view around Sendai and Imonikai party. In
winter, there is Sendai pageant light. Sendai pageant light is a decoration of
100.000 lights on the zelkova tree in Jozenji Dori Street and Aoba Dori Street. During this event, the loople sendai pageant is operated. You can enjoy the
romantic evening by using loople Sendai pageant which pass through the
street with lights decoration.

定禅寺通り(秋) 紅葉狩り どんと祭

Sendai treasure trove of specialties!

Sendai specialty Zunda rice cake
▲Sendai specialty Zunda rice cake

 Sendai is blessed with beautiful mountain and sea, the finest quality of rice, known as Miyagi rice, good sake, beautiful handicrafts, and the origin of Sendai grilled tongue, Sendai is very beautiful and interesting city which we proud of.

九重 岡田の長なす漬け 仙台駄菓子

Photo courtesy of Miyagi Prefecture of Economy, Trade and Industry, part Tourism Division