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Sendai Gyu-tan Committee

Sendai Gyu-tan Committee Establishment

`In order to overcome BSE (mad-cow disease) problems, rising up ingredients price and many more problems, Sendai Gyu-tan Committee was established.`

Since the past,every Sendai Gyu-tan specialized restaurant has their own secret method and also recipes, so
it makes the taste different with other restaurants. The main purpose is to protect every Sendai Gyu-tan
specialized restaurant unique taste. It is also said as exclusive industry.

In February 2002, there was Gyu-tan industry crisis. With the spirit unity to preserve and to protect Sendai
famous thing which is Gyu-tan, 5 Gyu-tan specialized restaurant companies in Sendai held a gathering.

With common interests In order to protect Sendai cultural food, and strong hope to make people from whole
country can taste the delicious Sendai Gyu-tan, The committee member has increased to 16 companies. They
cooperate to make the main site for Sendai Gyu-tan (information transmission through internet), make some
volunteer activities, and every day we try our best in order to improve our customer service.

Introduction From Sendai Gyu-Tan Committee

Sendai Gyu-Tan Committee President Ogawara Kiyoshi

[Sendai Gyu-tan Committee] works hard every day in order to make people can taste and enjoy Sendai’s famous Gyu-tan. And also ensure the safety of Sendai Gyu-tan.

We are gaining recognition from all people around Japan currently. This is all thanks to Sendai citizen.
Sendai Gyu-tan Committee from the start, 16 companies has joined. Now Sendai Gyu-tan Committee made “Sendai Gyu-tan a map“. With the cooperation with some cities and prefectures, our committee still tries many ways to grope the best method to transmit the information to customer. While preserving the tradition, we also try our best to satisfy

Thank you Very Much.